ID Theft Hits One of My Clients - What do you do??

I'm sorry to report that I had my first encounter with a tax client who has been a victim of identity theft in relation to their tax return.  I'm sure you are aware that Target, Home Depot, and Anthem were all compromised this past year so if you at any point did any business with one of these companies, you may be at risk.  You may not even realize there is an issue until you go to file your tax returns and the return is rejected because a SSN on the return has already been used to file (this is what happened to my client).

NEW for 2015 - Audit Protection!!

Beginning in 2015 (for the 2014 Tax Year), my software company has partnered with Protection Plus for audit assistance.  I can offer this wonderful product to you as I prepare your tax return for the low price of $49.95.  What is it?  It is the most comprehensive audit assistance available anywhere.  They pay up to $2,500 in penalties, interest AND tax liability in the event of a legitimate preparer error.  They assist with denied EIC claims, Federal returns including Schedules A, C, and E.

New address as of May 2014

Have you heard?  April finally bought a permanent home...yay!  My new address is 4193 Elkhart Lake Rd in St. Charles, 63304.  I apologize in advance that there are no street lights.  We have recently put in an extra large mailbox with large numbers on the post and a spotlight. We also added spotlights to the driveway and a very bright LED porch light so you should be able to locate us fairly easily.  My lockbox is up near the front porch and ready for drop offs.


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